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Selini -Nyxie- Cross
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SnowbalI / :iconsnowbali:
To My Millra,
She is a sweet, Creature that seems to alwasy have thr right thing to say. she never too down to help a friend.This Creature is an amazing drawer of art andpoem writer. Plus cant forget how she rolplays. If I have to say the one person I will alwys remember and never forget on dA, it would be this girl right here. She is just so breathe taking and every moment with her is something that should be cherish, She truly cant see how specila and one of a kind she really is. What I love about her art is that well, pretty much because it s porn half the time. It is sexy she isnt afraid to show a pussy, nipple, penishs or anything. She has found a way into my heart and she will forever stay next to me. Before I pass fromthis world, I am for sure giving this lucky, wonderful, awesome, great, lovely creature a big, soft kiss on thee lips and that is a promise.

~Greetings and Welcome~
Selini Nyxie Cross is my Roleplay so I will expain that a bit later.
Real Life Information/
My real name is Amanda, as for what type of Artist I am. It is a lot. I am an Editor mostly, I take a picture and change it simple like taking a base and adding your own thing. I make Logos, Banners, Gifs as well. I use GIMP.
But when push come ot pull, I am a Chalk Drawer, I enjoy working with my chalk and I am very good at it if I do say so myself. I also enjoy painting,photo taking -mostly sunsets and raises, skies- Metals and Woods, drawing on paper, clay work, 3D work, writing poems/sayings/stories. Anything and everything I enjoy doing when it come sot creating something. That is it for mr, just send me a message if you would like.

About my roleplay creatures at the moment, Selini and Night.

Selini [See-Lean-Nee] Nyxie [Nic-See] and Night Mare [Night-Mare] Cross

Selini has pale white skin and has long straight white hair -Moon like colors-, as for her eyes are goldish color with white irises -the Stars- and she normally wears the main colors are Black and Navy color Blue -Black and Blue are normally what the night sky looks like- with a little bit of yellow or white -the stars-
Nightmare has black skin, jet black hair, darken purple eyes and a wick grin. Sharp Teeth. Even when nice he still looks like he is ready to play a trick on you or just play out kill you. He mostly wears black witha little Red.

She appears very young [15ish] but in human age she is 19, her real is unknown.
Her appears 19, 20 moybe 21, real age is unknown.

5'3, small, very tiny only weights 90 some lbs.
6'3, tall, has arms but still a small body, very strong.

Their personalities is label as Yin and Yang. She is sweet and playfuilly but can be deadly and nasty. Selini normally as looked apon as a mother because she acts like one to all that she meets. She takes care of them, watch over them, make sure they are happy will stand her ground when it comes to protecting the them. Many dont believe that she has a dark side but she wears a mask to hide most of her true feelings.
Selini sees herself as teh light side, good, sweet, want others to be happy, but her dark side is all so different, The Creature is genderless but does appear as a male. His name is Nightmare. His looks are black skin, black hair, purple eyes, sharp teeth with stain of red on the pearly whites and has teh most wicked grin there is. He is Selini's anger, hatred, all the feelings she doesnt show. Selini veiws them as two different people because she can see him and feel him which she figured it;s because her creative mind. She tried her best never let Nightmare take control because when he does he wont stop until Selini calms him down.

She is the Moon Goddess her powers or more her "has to dos" is make sure the moon is where it's need to be as well as any given shadow the Moon may chase. Of course, Selini doesnt live on the Moon or another planet, she lives on Earth and her normal "home sweet home" is a dark woods surrounding a nice part of a meadow that she normally runs and plays in. Her favorite animals are Wolves because every night they howl at her moon, howl for her and she normally watches over them as well as plays with their cubs while the older ones go hunt. Her parents are unknown, she didnt grow, she just woke up under a thin layer of snow. As for her powers, she already knew about them as if it was already planted into her head this si what she can do and need to do but of course she is still trying to figure out the unknowns in this world, her past and where did she come from.

I dont know how yet but along teh way of her story she meets a Wolf -not idea what colors he is yet, likely black- with one eye grey and the other gold. He is a lone wolf and always to himself. He doesnt trust or get attach to anyone until he met Selini. Along the way of course they fall in love and he becomes her protector and all. The normal story of two creatures snd she takes in the name Kiryuu from his name being Zero Kiryuu before she picks to name the last name Cross.

Selini notice Nightmare when she was young. she saw him and wasnt afraid, knowing he was someone important to her. He doesnt appear much and when they do, Selini and her have coversations like they are best friends only thing is Selini si teh only one that can see Nightmare, making Selini seem a little insane with others. Nightmare was gone for a while as Selini took control of teh body, of coruse he was still there but he wasnt needed until Selini met a Wolf. the young Goddess didnt notice something Nightmare did. He saw that the Wolf put strings on his lovely friend and the Wolf creature pulled, tore and riped those strings to make Selini dance exactly how he wanted. Nightmare knew Selini was falling for him and he wanted her happy but not with him. Never with him. Nightmare soon starting taking over her body more and more, making her feelings and mind very unstayable but no matter what Nightmare wouldnt let the Wolf have her soul nor her heart.

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